Video Premiere: Chlöe Bailey - ❝Pray It Away.❞

Chlöe Bailey is serving another one for the ❝f*ck n*gga❞ playlist. She has released 'Pray It Away', the lead single from her forthcoming debut album 'In Pieces.' 

Interesting that the pop-leaning R&B bop is being touted as the lead amid a trail of singles that failed to ignite the charts. But it appears her record label are confident enough in this new song which was co-produced by Chlöe alongside ThankGod4Cody, ECassshh, Pitt Tha Kid and Puredandy. 

Even moreso in that they have given Chlöe the green light to announce a release date for her album. The Madeline Kate Kann-directed visuals awaits you below.


Anonymous said...

I've Already Pre-Saved The Album. It's Rumors That She's Performing At The GRAMMYS. Her Choreographer Said On Instagram Live, HUGE Performance Coming Next Week.