Sunday, 19 February 2023

Chlöe Bailey kicks off NBA All-star weekend with concert...

What's interesting is Chlöe Bailey performing ‘Pray It Away’ for the very first time at a pre-NBA All-star weekend event in Salt Lake City, Utah. She looked amazing kicking and dipping in custom latex while serving vocals and choreography. However, fans hate that she is now rushing to release the Chris Brown-assisted  ‘How Does It Feel’ on Friday. Perhaps they should have done more to ensure 'Pray' didn't wander through to the depths of flopville. 


Other songs performed included ‘Have Mercy,’ ‘Do It,’ ‘Treat Me,’ and ‘For The Night.’


Anonymous said...

Idk! I really thought I was going to dig Chloe as a solo artist but her music is just not cutting it for me. Shame because she is very talented but her voice don’t match none of them hood Athems she be tryna sale us. I don’t think she was ready to go solo just yet. Everything she does just seems forced.

Anonymous said...

I'm Glad Columbia Records Gave Her The Green Light To Release Her Debut Album.