Chlöe Bailey unwraps DARK artwork for her debut album ❝In Pieces.❞

Chlöe Bailey has revealed the cover for her debut album 'In Pieces.' Unfortunately, it is NOT the type of album cover that is easy to love. The grasping of her own heart and the red glow over her chest is serving very dark overtones. A thought-out explanation behind the concept does bring appreciated context. She is showing her vulnerability with this project. Doing so may even attract further interest in people wanting to listen to it on March 31st. Maybe people will see her as more than just Beyoncé's p*ssy-popping nepo baby.



Anonymous said...

Not A HUGE fan Of The Cover, However I'm Definitely Supporting The Album. @Toya You Gotta WATCH Swarm With Her, Billie & Paris Jackson In It. It's CRAZY As HELL.

Anonymous said...

That Show Is good, my favorite part was the Paris Jackson scene where she says I'm black. I'm on episode 5.

Toya said...

I don't have Amazon Prime. *goes to an online streaming site*