K. Michelle’s final R&B album, ❝I’m the Problem,❞ coming this month | debuts new single ❝Blame Yourself❞ ♫♫

R&B music has always been this woman's lane. So of course it's going to be a little bit sad that she's giving it up to pursue the country one. Is it actually a thing? Because Monica is looking like she's about to do the same. On the plus side, country music is a well loved genre and it would be so refreshing to see more Black artists in it. The former 'Love & Hop Hop' star is dropping her final R&B album 'I'm the Problem' on September 22nd. Take a listen to her new single 'Blame Yourself' below.


Anonymous said...

She’s been trying to make this country album happen since I last watched L&HH Atlanta and I haven’t watched that in nearly 4 years. Her country single didn’t exactly scream country either. Not feeling this song but hopefully there are better ones on the album.