Michelle Williams’ portrayal of Justin Timberlake talking with a "blaccent" goes viral...

Michelle Williams deserves a Grammy for her portrayal of Justin Timberlake trying to act down when he met 90s R&B singer Ginuwine in the early 2000s. The audiobook version of Britney Spears’ new memoir, "The Woman in Me", released yesterday (October 24th), is narrated by Oscar-winner Williams. Britney recalls a time she and then-boyfriend Timberlake were walking around New York City, when they bumped into G. He got all excited and said out loud in his cosplaying "Black" voice, "Oh yeah fo shiz fo shiz, Ginuwiiiine. What’s up homey?" OMG! The way she read it is absolutely hilarious!!!! You could actually hear the amusement in her voice like she wanted to cackle but had to restrain herself. The clip has since gone viral on Twitter/X, due to the way Williams’ narrated the story. 

Black Twitter is certainly having a field day with this clip and it only reinforces my opinion as Timberlake being a corny, culture vulture, raging fool. I'm sure he is not happy that he has become the butt of jokes lately, but honestly, it's about time he was brought down a peg or two. Best Audio Book, Narration, and Storytelling Recording is a Grammys category, so I truly hope Michelle Williams scoops the award!