Kelly Clarkson slams "trash reporters" for implying she dissed Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s romance...

Kelly Clarkson is one of the most unproblematic celebrities on the planet. She is a sweetheart who minds her own business. The hate she gets is unjust because she has always been supportive of Taylor Swift's career. It was Kelly that directly suggested to Taylor to re-record her albums. The backlash she is getting for showing no interest in the Swift and Travis Kelce romance story is so absurd. Refusing to let her words be twisted against Swift and Kelce’s budding relationship, Clarkson clarified that she is pro-romance, and she’d rather just prefer a strictly sports-focused experience when watching football. 

The Kelly Clarkson Show has been back for a week, and here is the very clip that has Kelly facing controversy over her comments on the show:
Wow, she looks great. More emphasis should be placed on her incredible weight loss, but stories like that don't sell. So, they go with a different narrative altogether. Travis himself has publicly made it known he does not approve of all the extra attention that gets put on their relationship. That should have been a sign the NFL are doing way too much. Kelly did not say anything hateful or derogatory that would give Swift fans a reason to get their panties in a twist. She just doesn't want to see the camera panning to Swift too often during games. And I'm pretty sure Taylor feels the same way. She just wants to come to the games, watch her boyfriend and not have the NFL use her face for viewership. There is a time and place for everything and Taylor's reaction shots should solely be reserved for the MTV Video Music Awards.