Social media drags the sh*t out of Ciara for "excluding the pain of Palestinians."

I'm not one of those people that feels celebrities shouldn’t speak out about politics and world issues simply because that’s “not what they do” and “they aren’t educated on it.” Once they have armed themselves with the necessary knowledge, they can make such a huge difference ESPECIALLY when raising awareness for world issues. Unfortunately, sometimes the wrong celebrities take on that challenge or they just couldn't be bothered to hire a decent PR person to do their bidding. Drake‘s father Dennis Graham has come out in support of his son’s decision not to comment about the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group. People feel it is his duty to speak on Israel simply because they feel his Jewish ancestry makes him more aligned to Jewish culture. Mr Graham thinks if his son did speak out, he would still be criticised either way. But when Ciara made the decision to speak out, it backfired on her horribly. 

Last night, Ciara delivered her expression of sympathy towards the people of Israel, rather than the Palestinians, which drew major criticism. Many social media users have voiced their disappointment, urging Ciara to educate herself on the suffering of Palestinian people at the hands of Israeli forces. After she was severely dragged, Ciara realized the error of her initial tweet and attempted to fix it with a follow-up.

The drags: