Britney Spears fans plot their revenge after Jamie-Lynn officially joins "I’m A Celebrity."

It has just been officially announced that Britney Spears' sister Jamie Lynn is jetting to Australia to join the line-up for "I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!" It was only weeks ago she appeared on Dancing With The Stars. She is most likely doing it to try and redeem herself with the public like what Matt Hancock tried to do. It's not like she needs the money having allegedly swindled her sister out of millions through the conservatorship. If she is doing it to redeem her image, I don't think it's going to make a lick of difference. Eating kangaroo penis and all sorts of nastiness is not going to make people forget... or forgive. But her reasons are commendable. She is doing all these reality shows to show she is not the b*tch that Britney fans peg her as. She wants to show the world her persona. She wants everyone to see that she is ONLY the harmless little sister of Britney Spears who isn't perfect. I would not even be surprised if she paints herself a victim just as much as her sister due to them being thrust into the limelight as child stars. ITV are hoping she spills the beans about her estranged relationship with her sister, her family and the controversial conservatorship. 

I hope she has a strong head on her shoulders. I hope she is going into this with her eyes completely wide open. Because if not, she is going to get a major shock when she receives the Katie Price treatment and she gets voted to do ALL of those nasty Bushtucker trials. That's what Britney fans are plotting to do. But I think Nigel Farage is hated more, so they could get the votes evenly. Either way, I'll be watching.