LeToya Luckett jokes about being dumped from ‘Destiny’s Child.’

In an interview with digital variety talk show "The Terrell Show," LeToya Luckett told host Terrell Grice she remembered how she felt when the music video for Destiny's Child's mega smash “Say My Name” was released. She had no idea she and the other ousted founding member, Latavia Roberson were dumped from the group until they saw the video which featured their replacements Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin. The ousted members have long maintained that they were forced out of the group and sued Beyoncé’s dad, Mathew Knowles, claiming nepotism, before settling out of court. LeToya reveals that listening to the track "hurts," but it is still special to her regardless.
“I do remember saying, ‘You know what, regardless of what’s going on, that’s a pretty good daggone song.’ I was probably more mad that I couldn’t be a part of that one. That was a good song. That song was different. I’m so glad I can laugh about it now. Jesus! The therapy, Lord!” She jokingly recalls being upset seeing the new group in Dior outfits. “I was mad at that picture. I said, ‘Now that hurt. All the rest of this, OK, but y’all gonna have on Dior without me?!’ I worked hard, I deserve a scarf, a bag, a sock.” However, she went on to say that everything turned out OK for her, despite the drama. “Things happened the way they were supposed to happen," she said. "Baby, everybody’s fine. We’ve done our therapy...”
Her and Beyoncé are now on good terms (she attended Beyoncé's "Renaissance" concert in Houston and Beyoncé gave her and Latavia a shout out during the show), so it's easy to make light of the situation now. But it wasn't all fun and games back then especially for Latavia who never embarked on a music career after Destiny's Child.  She returned to living a very basic life taking on retail jobs just so that she could feed her family (see quote below). Maybe she was too traumatized by the situation because that was quite the betrayal and starting over as a solo artist would have been a bit too much to take on. But yeah, seeing your childhood bestie making millions and living a life of luxury (a life that should have been hers) while she is out there struggling and trying to make ends meet would not have been easy for anyone.


Anonymous said...

Lord This Happened When They Was Teenagers & They Keep Repeating The Same Story. They All are early/mid 40s now. Let's move on.