Britney Spears blind sighted by her own team (plotted music comeback behind her back)...

No means no. A source close to Britney Spears told Rolling Stone that her team (management and A&R) was preparing new music to inspire her to return to the studio. The thing is, Britney had not yet been “actively in recording.” 

Her team tapped Julia Michaels and Charli XCX as writers. Also tapped was producer Cirkut, and several of the collaborators from her last album Glory, including Jason Evigan, to make songs to present to her, the source said. Both pop ballads and uptempo songs had been prepared to present. When Britney caught wind of what her team was doing, she hopped on social media to shut things down. A woman that has been controlled for 13 years is putting her foot down at being controlled again. Sounds about right.