Awkward! Jennifer Lopez & Ayo Edebiri feature in new "SNL" promo after Ayo TRASHES Jennifer’s vocals & career...

“Her career is one long scam.”
‘The Bear’ actress Ayo Edebiri stands shoulder to shoulder with Jennifer Lopez for a new 'SNL' promo that just dropped. Ayo was featured on a podcast in 2020 with actress Laci Mosley who hosts "Scam Goddess." The show centers around exposing "scams" in the public eye and gossiping about them. In this particular episode, they discuss the "scam" that is J.Lo's "career."

Ayo gave J.Lo quite the dragging saying she's a sh*t singer who uses ghost singers. This is hilarious considering they have to get through a show together in less than 24 hours. But Ayo told no lies. J.Lo is not a great singer and only got a career out of it because Selena died putting it bluntly. She says she was not aware people thought she couldn't sing (LOL). In fact, she is such a narc, she actually believes she can hit notes like Beyoncé, I kid you not. I'm sure J.Lo is aware of Ayo's past comments (it is written all over her face) and if she wasn't, you can bet bottom dollar someone in her team notified her to the fact. Now the gals will be forced to play nice but can they get through the actual show together?


Anonymous said...

I’m kinda inclined to agree. Not a fan of her new single but I own most of her albums on CD - her songs got me through a lot over the years, I wasn’t thinking about whether she was the greatest singer or not - she makes good music regardless, and even though she’s no Mariah or Whitney (neither are half the singers who are currently very successful) she can can still hold a note and has a unique voice. Toya just seems to love to bash Jenny and Ben to no end for some strange reason lol