Did Beyoncé steal Usher’s shine? Fans seem to think so...

The Super Bowl is without doubt one of the biggest events in American television history. As a result of this, Beyoncé pulled the ultimate marketing move.
She announced her country-themed album "Act II," alongside a high-budget Verizon commercial, a trailer and two new songs released to all streaming platforms. Saying Beyoncé went HAM is an understatement.
But folks feel she could have at least waited 24 hours before stealing Usher's shine. Your thoughts?


nil said...

she did steal his shine. I am not gonna listen to those damn songs. Let me get back to Coming Home by Usher!

Anonymous said...

Beyonce is the kind of person who will let someone else have their moment then as soon as they’re done, she instantly snatches the attention back. She needs integrity and to grow a spine.

Anonymous said...

People’s sick minds to ALWAYS love to pit people’s against each other is mindblowing.
What people’s narrative make appear as Beyonce eclipsing Usher, others sees as Millenials Artists still dominating the game: usher proved he is a LEGEND yesterday & Beyonce proved that u can’t talk sales as much as u want, she’s still the IT Popstar.
I call it a BHM/culture win.
Let’s celebrate & not project insecurities & hatred!

P.S: if anything stole usher’s thunder, might be JD’s socks & shoes 🤣🤣