Saturday, 13 September 2014

New Music: Chris Brown ft. Trey Songz – ‘Songs On 12 Play’...

Chris Brown and Trey Songz come together on a track to pay homage to R. Kelly’s 1993 classic ‘12 Play.’ Can you count the amount of R. Kelly songs they name-drop on ‘Songs On 12 Play’? 

Trey and R. Kelly may have had their differences but Trey has always been an R. Kelly stan. Those that have followed Trey's career from the beginning will remember the days he was deemed an R. Kelly biter.

Chris is no vocalist but he does manage to replicate Kelly's signature "oh oh oh's" pretty well. The song was randomly uploaded to Chris B's VEVO. Possible single perhaps? 

The track serves as a sensual R&B bedroom slow jam off Breezy's new album ‘X’ (due September 16th). It comes as no coincidence that Kelly also makes an appearance on the album on a cut called... 'Drown In It.' Yeah, given R. Kelly's past and that title. How is everyone liking the album so far?