Jesy Nelson addresses accusations of black-fishing (not really)...

Jesy Nelson tells Guardian that she was addicted to social media, and couldn’t resist reading what the trolls were saying about her, even though she knew it would plunge her into a dangerous state of depression. She was going by the 'knowledge is power' mantra and was arming herself, completely oblivious to how unhealthy it was. 

“It’s like a drug. I was reading it every day. The minute I got up it was the first thing I did. I’d type in ‘Jesy Nelson’ and then ‘Jesy Nelson fat’ or ‘Jesy Nelson ugly’, and read what everyone said about me.”

In May she was accused on social media of “black-fishing,” a term used to describe white people physically transforming themselves to look racially ambiguous. 

She says:
“I would never want to offend anyone, and that was really upsetting. I wasn’t aware that’s how people felt.”

Hmmm. She was actually blocking people on social media for calling her out on it, so saying she "wasn't aware" is a bit deceptive and dishonest. My mum actually thought she was mixed race, and I had to tell her only Leigh-Ann and Jade were of mixed heritage. These days she is looking like Tina Knowles-Lawson, more so in these latest pics. She definitely needs to lay off the tan spray a little. Check out the entire interview here


Remmi said...

I don't think it's just spray tan that makes her look racially ambiguous - the curly hair, full lips and curvaceous body add to the misconception. She clearly has an admiration for black culture too hence the route She's taking with her solo music.

Toya said...

I noticed.

Anonymous said...

But why? She looks good, so why should she step down with tanning or changing her hair? Shouldnt everybody look as they feel comfortable with? Or are we now changing our looks so that others feel comfortable? If the second is the case, then we need to stop with this curvy model movement.

The B List said...

Why is it a big issue she, or other artists, like RnB and hip hop style and music?

If some one get a tan, it’s prob bc the like it for themselves and no one else.

It’s like the him/her/they/them ect. It’s a movement to be yourself regardless of what negative, insecure and most likely self hating and jealous naysayers have to spit out all the time.

Can some e please skool me and clap back at my nonsense pretty please? I’m always willing to learn others perspectives.

Shawn_Haughton said...

Th B List... don't ignore the whole section where she talks about her unhealthy relationship to social media... don't forget that part when determining if blackfishing is a big deal or not lol.

This is woman has attempted suicide based on social media before... clearly this blackfishing, wannabe black thing is a toxic consequence of her low self-esteem. Don't co-sign it. Call it out for what it is. Everyone gonna look like science experiments trying to be so true to themselves smh. It's going too far.