Friday, 3 October 2014

Keyshia Cole drops another video, ‘N. L. U’ featuring 2 Chainz...

So it appears Juicy J and 2 Chainz are the IN rappers as of present, which would probably explain the sorry state music is in right now. But never mind my venting...

Keyshia Cole must be seeking out the record for being the artist to drop the most music videos BEFORE her album is released. At least she has her mannequins for comfort after encountering more heartbreak from a distrusting man.

Life imitating art on so many levels for the unlucky in love lass. On a positive note, this song is really good and marks a stark contrast to the horrible few songs she's debuted this year ('Rick James' being the worst). I'm still not buying her album though. 'Point of No Return' is due October 7th.