Thursday, 16 October 2014

Two new Beyoncé songs registered on ASCAP this week (produced by Pharrell + The-Dream)

It is believed Beyoncé is planning to release a four-disc ‘Platinum Edition’ version of her latest album, 'BEYONCÉ.' 

That is, prior to several international retailers listing it for a November 24th release. This date coincides with Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season. From the set, fans could either get new music, remixes, additional videos or a tour DVD.

The new music is looking more likely, as two new songs have just been registered on ASCAP this week. The Pharrell Williams produced 'Wake Up' and The-Dream produced 'Donk.' Beyoncé has songwriting credits on both songs. A few days ago in Paris, Beyoncé attended Pharrell's concert (he produced 'Blow' on her latest album too). Plus, Bey and Jay Z were spotted visiting a video studio in Paris on several occasions last month. 

Rumours have been thrown out there that they are recording a joint studio album. Either way, Beyoncé is definitely up to something. If their HBO ratings is anything to go by, they should come to realise that overexposure is never a good thing. Eventually, people get sick and tired of having the Carter brand shoved in their faces, excessively. It's time to go away for a bit, extend the family. Allow people to miss you for a while, and then come back BIG.