Ashanti finally announces pregnancy & engagement to Nelly...

When Nelly hopped his ass across the room to hug his ex-girlfriend Ashanti during a Verzuz battle between Fat Joe & Ja Rule, little did we know they would spin the block to have a baby and an engagement three years later. And he did say last November that he was planning to put a baby in her, so yeah, mission accomplished. Ashanti initially denied they were getting back together and said she was not single. 

Earlier this week at an event in Miami, Ashanti not only announced she's expecting her first baby with Nelly, she confirmed that they're also engaged! It has got to be the worse kept pregnancy secret in history after Halle Bailey. But it's great that at 43, she decided to have a baby on her own terms. She put all focus into her career, financially secured herself, and decided that now was the time. Hopefully, Nelly does right by her and actually does walk her down the aisle. He clearly isn't the marrying type and there is nothing worse than being an engaged baby mama for 10 years and then... poof! Here's hoping she has a safe delivery and a healthy baby. 

In an exclusive statement to Essence magazine, Ashanti reveals: