Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ continues to sale with consistent numbers...

When Beyoncé finally retires from the music industry, people are going to be BEGGING for her to make a comeback. She is not just an artist based on hype. She actually delivers. Her latest album ‘Cowboy Carter’ continues to do well because not only does County music cater to a wider audience, a lot of people are bored with the state of music right now. Also, the line often spun that “Beyoncé needs to stay in her lane and not do country music” also helped to generate interest and curiosity in the album. Her detractors actually contributed towards the album's success. The critically acclaimed project is #2 on the Billboard 200 this week, with 98K units earned in its third week. It previously spent two weeks at #1 and to date, the project has amassed 631,000 units since release

Beyoncé can release her records without the aid of music videos and performances, because she has established herself not to conform to the norm. If you want to see her perform her new songs, you're going to have to settle with buying a very expensive concert ticket because this is simply the only exclusivity she is giving. 


Anonymous said...

Renaissance had 2 Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit singles & sold 332k in it's 1st week & the tour did almost $600 Million!

She already has 3 Top 10s on this Cowboy album! 🤠 So the tour numbers for this album will top Renaissance!

All this with little to no effort in terms of promotion(Outside of the Verizon ad she did for the Superbowl, indirectly promoting the album)