Album Sampler: Tamar Braxton - 'Love & War'...

Judging by the snippets of Tamar Braxton's new album 'Love & War', it's going to be a decent R&B project. 

But am I wowed by it? The answer so far, is simply a resounding no. The standard of the material simply doesn't touch the flawlessness of her debut. As a result, that album, largely produced by Jermaine Dupri, will continue to get more spins in my stereo. But it's always best to wait until you hear the project in full! The project is slated to hit store shelves on September 3rd but if you're still undecided, check out 30 second snippets of each song below!

'Love & War' tracklist
1. Tip Toe 
2. Pieces 
3. Stay And Fight 
4. Love And War 
5. All The Way Home 
6. The One 
7. She Did That 
8. One On One Fun 
9. Hot Sugar 
10. Prettiest Girl 
11. Where It Hurts 
12. Thank You Lord 
13. Sound Of Love 
14. White Candle