Chris Brown contemplates retirement from music...

It's not a good day to be a Chris Brown fan, especially if his retirement announcement is anything to go by. 

After turning himself into the police for a hit and run case last night, he took to Twitter today to announce he MAY be quitting music after the release of his new album 'X'. He went on to say that he is "tired of being famous for a mistake" he made when he was 18, referencing his brutal assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna. I have no doubt that he will beat Jay Z for the shortest retirement in history simply because I just don't buy it.

He's going through a very bad time right now which is prompting him to go on a hissy fit (wouldn't be a first). His new album drops in like two weeks and he is desperate for it to sell.

If he puts out the belief that this is his last album, people may be more influenced to rush out and buy it. It's a tactic that COULD work. If he's truly serious, he should just do what makes him happy and commit to an acting career instead. His other talents lie in directing and producing for other artists, so it's not like his career would be at a standstill anyway.

As much as I'd like to sympathise with him, I just can't. After a long string of post violent altercations and incidents, there's not much that can be done for someone if they're not prepared to help themselves. If you give your cynics ammunition, of course they are going to use it. Though, good luck to him in his future endeavors.