Jessie J's cover shoot for 'Marie Claire UK'...

Gracing the cover of Marie Claire's September issue, Jessie J gives us the real reason behind her shock exit from 'The Voice', and why she is putting her focus back into the music! 

Rocking her platinum blonde crop and a stylish black Gucci dress, Jessie looks quite striking. The blonde has grown on me a lot and the short cut REALLY suits her. On the music front, she's had to postpone her 2013 'Nice To Meet You' tour at the start of 'The Voice' Series 2 to finish her second album. This is why she has had to reassess her priorities. Check out the entire spread and some excerpts below!

On why she had to quit The Voice:
They sent the schedule through [for Series 3] and, for 40 of the 42 days they needed me for filming I was on tour. I wouldn’t be on [The Voice] if it wasn’t for the music. I have to get back to the core of who I am. I need to be on stage singing, not watching someone else.
On leaving behind a great legacy for her future children:
When I turned 25, something changed in me. I started thinking that I want my kids to look back and say, “Wasn’t Mummy amazing?" I’ve already started thinking about what I’m leaving behind for them.
And here's the entire spread:


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