Lady Gaga covers October 2013 issue of American 'Elle', & looks great!

Is Lady Gaga the most photogenic pop star on the planet? Absolutely not. If, at all. But snarky 'ol me just couldn't find any faults in her October 2013 issue of US Elle. I love the colour scheme on this subscribers cover, which was shot by Ruth Hogben. The main cover (sadly HQ has not surfaced yet) is posted below and Gaga looks stunning on it. Now "stunning" is not often a word I would normally associate with Gaga. She's usually so preoccupied with looking like your eccentric circus act that it can be quite off putting.

It may have got people talking at first but then they tire of seeing the same gimmicks and they get over it. It's no longer new and becomes far less thrilling. I think she had to settle for eating some humble pie after her new single 'Applause' just wasn't the mega smash that she was hoping for, and she's even resorted to apologising to her nemesis Christina Aguilera, though I suspect this apology would never have come to fruition if her friendship with a certain blogger hadn't turned into World War 3 (watch the full interview below).  

I definitely raise my glass to this Gaga. The one that's not so try hard or attempting to be overly edgy. I love that the photos have an unusual softness to them. And they're miles ahead better than her cover shoot for 'V' recently. Well done, Elle. Less is definitely more in this case.