Robin Thicke & his wife grace cover of Hong Kong’s 'Prestige'...

Following THAT scandalous VMAs performance with Miley Cyrus, and then THAT much talked about photo of Robin Thicke's hand grabbing the bum of a socialite, the singer now dotes on married life, at his convenience.

The crooner gushes over his "supportive" wife Paula Patton in the latest cover issue of Hong Kong’s Prestige magazine. Despite everything, they discuss parenthood, supporting each other professionally and how the mega success of the "rapey" 'Blurred Lines' has changed his life.

I always got the feeling that Paula's very open when it comes to their relationship, in a Will & Jada kinda way. I mean, his sleazy antics with young chicks is netting him the most publicity he's ever encountered in his career. I think I actually preferred it when he was just a low-key R&B singer, as he's been riding this 'sex sells' gimmick into the ground. So it's quite a surprise that these pics are very... not so sexy. I know he wants to milk it because deep down, he knows he may never encounter a song as big as this in another lifetime. I always use to say he deserves to be commercially successful as JT. But uh, be careful what you wish for.
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