Ashanti unveils artwork for Rick Ross-assisted new flop 'I Got It'...

In early July, Ashanti debuted a duet with Freebandz rapper Future on a cut called 'I Got It'. The song made its appearance on DJ Ty Boogie’s mixtape, 'STR8 RNB, Part 6', which was hosted by Ashanti. This week, she announced the song would be released to iTunes on Tuesday (November 26th). But it goes without notice that rapper Future has now been replaced by Rick Ross. Dumb ass move.
And with dumb ass decisions being made, flop songs deserve to happen...

Let's face it, Future is the IT boy of Hip Hop right now so it makes no sense to remove him from a song that desperately needs him. 

Unless her pockets are shallow and she just couldn't afford to keep him. He might have been her only chance to snag a hit on urban formats. Over breezy, synth-laced production, Ashanti celebrates her accolades as if she is still on top. 

Oh, the irony. 

Ashanti has been hard at work on her fifth studio album, 'Braveheart' but will it ever touch the shelf of a record store? To soften the blow for UK fans, she's coming to London's O2 on December 4th to sing all her oldies. Go along for the singalong. She did  have some serious jams back in the day and most of all, it should be fun.