New Music: Britney Spears – 'Passenger'...

The leaks begin and someone is mad! A new demo from Britney Spears has surfaced online tonight called 'Passenger'. The midtempo cut, which entails elements of electropop and bhangra is about letting loose and taking a backseat after being in control of her life/career for so long. We can either attribute it to her past or new relationships with men or she could be addressing her father in regards to the conservatorship.
She's never spoken about the conservatorship and it fits the 'personal' route of the album. The song was recorded during recent studio sessions for her upcoming new album 'Britney Jean'. There's no confirmation as to whether or not the song will even make the cut. 

As for the track, it shits on 'Work Bitch', which was just shit, period. I'm not convinced that this is purely her vocal though. Unlike 'Perfume', which takes on a more natural vocal approach, her tone on this sounds overly autotuned, nasal and deeply processed (it's clearly unfinished). However, I like that it's a spiritual song which has an empowering essence to it. Starting a new chapter in life, looking to the future, and putting her faith in something or SOMEONE is always inspired by positive change. I like it. Hopefully, the mastered version will have more cleaned up vocals.

Audio via Tumblr.