Little Mix perform 'Move' on GMA...

I think Simon Cowell will be pleased to know he may have found himself another X Factor cash cow besides One Direction. We already know Leona Lewis is no longer bringing in the cake. Plus, many of the X Factor acts have either been dropped or are just not doing it big anymore. As talented as some of them are, artists that are born from that show appear to have an expiry date sadly. However, Little Mix continue to go from strength to strength on the global scale.

For their new album ‘Salute’ has topped iTunes US. In support of the project, they performed on Good Morning America.

The foursome delivered an ass shaking performance of their new single 'Move'. I'm so happy for their success. No other Brit girl band has invaded America since The Spice Girls and I have to admit, some rejuvenated girl power on Stateside shores was well overdue. And if you haven't listened to their new album 'Salute', you simply don't know what you're missing.