Mariah Carey's new single 'You're Mine' vanishes from Hot 100 after one week...

As Mariah Carey's new single implies, her love is for "eternity" but the same can't be said for the love or lack thereof that is being shown towards her new single. 'You're Mine (Eternal)' has disappeared from the Billboard Hot 100 after debuting at #88 last week and this week found itself kicked out of the top 1000 on iTunes USA. MC didn't help her case when she put out a snoozefest music video that lacked substance. 

The question that can now be asked is... what does this mean for her new album, which is currently penciled in for a May 6th release?
Another pushback perhaps? Another panic-stricken FIFTH single from the project to ensure the album has some kind of commercial backing? A billion (pointless) remixes? I feel first week sales will be at her lowest but I don't really care. I just want her to put out the album, for the fans, and accept whatever fate the album is laced with. Even if it doesn't sell well, at least WE get to enjoy it regardless of the commercial acclaim. NO MORE PUSHBACKS!!!!