'Britney Jean' drops out of Billboard 200...

Due to ZERO promotion this era, Britney's worst ever album 'Britney Jean' was doomed to flop. This week, it has officially fallen off the Billboard 200 chart just 3 months after release, plummeting from #113 to out of the top 200 completely. The eye watering news doesn't stop there either. 

More than 100 radio stations have dropped potential single 'Now That I Found You' from their playlist this week.  My two pence inside.

At this point, the album can't be saved and Britney has already (and very brazenly) expressed her lack of interest to promote it. I don't think she's here for this music industry AT ALL. Not any more. The fire in her belly is gone. When you release the first REAL shit album of your career and then not want to promote it, that speaks volumes. After her Vegas residency comes to an end, she should just retire and solely be a mother to her kids. It's not like she can't afford to.