Kelly Rowland's not loyal, says a butt hurt Rico Love...

Mad she dumped him as her producer! 

During an interview with The Breakfast Club this week, producer Rico Love threw some dark, calculated shade at Kelly Rowland. For those not remembering, he was the mastermind behind her monster hit, 'Motivation' and they became friends. Well, not no more. Want to know why he hasn't worked with her on new material? Peep his explanation below:
“Two years of developing this girl. A girl who wasn’t as confident as the girl you see today. Two years of every day in the studio getting to know each other. Fighting and arguing. Laughing. Crying and being happy and being sad. And making this record. And then you put out one single and it’s a humongous smash. Then after that you don’t hear no Rico and Kelly records anymore.”
Apparently, he reached out to Kelly to executive produce her next album, and her response? “Let me pray about it.” She clearly felt he served his purpose. In other words, it was time to move on and explore new avenues. She has already spoken about getting Pharrell and Timbaland on board for her next project so go figure. Besides, his work can't be considered amazing so executive producing an entire album would not be a great move for her. Sucks for him I guess, as he seems really passionate about his work, but at the end of the day he did his job and got paid (very well) for it ('Motivation' sold around 2.5 million copies). 

No artist is obligated to continue working with a producer just because they gave that artist a hit record. An artist needs to evolve and as a producer, he should look at it from that standpoint. He started working with everyone and their mama and his sound grew tired and repetitive. Plus, it's not smart to publicly diss an artist because you never know when at some point, they may find their way back to you again. He may very well have ruined any chance of potential collaborations in the future. Love's scathing remarks can be found at around the 19:15 mark.