Mariah Carey's 'You're Mine' wasn't a single, album still due in May, says JD...

Is it or isn't this bloody album dropping on May 6th?!?!

According to Mariah Carey's manager Jermaine Dupri, 'You're Mine' was not an official single and only served as a cut to prove Mariah could still sing. Byyyyeeeee! 'The Art Of Letting Go' wasn't a single either, he continues. It was just meant as a "treat" for the fans. He says '#Beautiful' was the last single released by MC, and reveals that the as-yet-titled album is still dropping in May. However, her friend Roger Friedman is singing a completely different tune. Apparently, the album is NOT coming out on May 6th and it’s allegedly because Island Def Jam is still clearing samples and guest stars. Ew!