Robin Thicke debuts new song ‘Get Her Back’ at Billboard Music Awards...

If Paula Patton wasn't watching this performance, Robin Thicke's efforts to win her back would all have been in vain. The R&B crooner debuted his new song 'Get Her Back' at last night's Billboard Music Awards and he was dedicating it to his wife who separated from him earlier this year. However, a good start to winning her back would have been to wear his wedding ring on TV, so on that note, he FAILED!

What good is it asking the audience to "help me out"? This is a brand new song that only he and his band knows. Yet he's not doing a good job of helping himself out anyway. It's weird to see him not wearing a suit and this new haircut is not flattering. It ages him by about 10 years. That said, I actually really like this song. It's pretty good, he sounds good and it has a little Marvin Gaye vibes to it. You can bet on it, Marvin Gaye's estate watches in the distance eagerly.