Beyoncé, Solange & Jay Z play happy families in New Orleans...

Anyone would think that elevator fight between Solange and Jay Z didn't even happen. The Knowles-Carter family put on the united front in New Orleans recently to show that there are no hard feelings following Solange's vicious attack on her brother in law a few weeks ago.

Beyoncé is clearly taking this damage control to heart because she hates that her perfect image has been scandalised so publicly. While I get it, some things just stink of trying waaaay too hard. The official statement was enough although they left it way too late. 

No one is really buying these very staged photos but whatever floats their boat. Solange and Jay Z may be 'happy' enough to smile and pose in the same photo, but as long as they don't have to touch or stand next to each other, it's all gravy. 

Beyoncé and Solange:

Jay Z with Solange's son Julez and Solange's 50-year-old director boyfriend Alan Ferguson:

Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy:

The sisters with their kids:

Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy: