Beyoncé & Jay Z's 'On The Run' tour faces weak ticket sales...

Remember last year, when it was almost impossible to snag Beyoncé tickets for her blockbuster 'Mrs. Carter Show' world tour? Ticket sites crashed, box office venues were being terrorised and thousands of fans missed out due to money hungry ticket touts. 

Thanks to the buzz of her spectacular Superbowl performance and hype of everyone thinking she will launch the tour with new music, tickets sold out in less than 10 minutes everywhere. Today, is a very different story. There is no hype surrounding the tour and she's had no hits lately on the radio. 

Beyoncé and Jay Z will launch their joint 'On The Run' tour next week in Miami on June 25th. A review of Ticketmaster found tens of thousands of tickets remained available for that date as well as for concerts in Atlanta on July 15th and on July 12th in New Jersey. 

It is being reported that lack of airplay is to blame since this is pivotal when launching a stadium tour. However, Billboard did report earlier that multiple venues had sold-out in minutes. 

It should also be mentioned that prices for front row seating are quite eye watering and the family drama with Solange beating up Jay Z in an elevator didn't help their cause either. 


The couple have released a brand new trailer for the tour. Nothing fresh or anything, just a shortened video of their mini movie.