Chris Brown: It's "back to the music," following early jail release...

Chris Brown was released from jail last night where he had been in custody since mid-March. He was arrested after being kicked out of rehab for violating rules. Last month, a judge ruled that he had to remain in jail after admitting to violating his probation rules. This occurred prior to getting involved in a fight outside a hotel in Washington DC last year. Last month, he was sentenced to serve a further 131 days in jail. However, the judge credited him for the 116 days he spent in rehab and jail. Upon his release, he returned to Twitter with a positive attitude.

His fans, mother and girlfriend Karrueche must be ecstatic that he is finally out. I know Ariana Grande will be pleased because she recently expressed regret that their duet could not be released prior to his jail sentencing. It can be assumed his new album 'X' won't drop for a good couple of months, which is totally understandable. He needs time to find his footing. I also think he needs to give his inner circle a good cleansing and disassociate himself from those that are a bad influence. I truly hope jail time has enabled him to re-evaluate his life and decisions. I truly hope that he has learned from this very experience. 

I feel like, the only way he could truly have redeemed himself is if he served some jail time, which he has done. He is a talented and gifted young man and it would be a horrible shame to see all of that go to waste.