Columbia's Rob Stringer weighs in on Beyoncé's album sales...

Columbia honcho Rob Stringer has given some serious praise towards Beyoncé's current album sales. She is applauded for selling two million in the States at full price, without discounting the project.

 When asked which records have exceeded expectations, Stringer replied:
Well, obviously Beyoncé doing 2 million records at $15.99 is an industry first. There’s no comparable value record of that sales magnitude in the last half-decade. Every single album was full price. The most important aspect is the value chain on that release—I think that’s underestimated. Most competitors in that lane have been discounted down to $6.99.
Many artists get mocked for putting their album in the bargain bin six months after release. It is seen as failure for that very album under-performing. And although Beyoncé's album came with 17 music videos, it should not be used as the sole reason for why it sold the way it did. 

Without the videos, the album would have sold just as well, on the basis of just the shock release alone (feel free to disagree). Saying that, a $15.99 album assisted with 17 music videos is a pretty good deal for music buying consumers. Bey's global sales for 'Beyoncé' currently stands at 3.5m.


Stringer should really refrain from cheesing in his pics.