Jennifer Lopez's album sales for 'A.K.A.' are now in...

This week, Jennifer Lopez's new album 'A.K.A.' opened with 33,815 units debuting at #6 on the Billboard 200. J.Lo is very aware of her low sales as she recently defended her and Mariah Carey's inability to push units.

When visiting The Breakfast Club last week, she addressed Mariah’s ‘Chanteuse’, and adds:
"I just think Mariah and I we did what the kids are doing already. We had the time where we would drop the thing and it would straight to #1 and the album would go to #1 and we did that two, three times, four times over…she probably did it more times than I did. At a certain point in your career, there’s reinvention that has to go on but you’re in it for a marathon. It’s not about a sprint, this is not a movie, it’s not an opening weekend."
Then she elaborated on her own project:
"There’s singles that’s going to come out over the next six months, so to me the release of the album is a celebration because it’s the beginning of something new, and I’m lucky enough to have a company behind me who gets the album and understands me as an artist. It’s not about the first day sales, we’re in a different time in our career, we’re in a different status."
I didn't like the album at all, but I still think this is a shame despite the lack of hits this era. I have never seen anyone this year promote the shit out of their album the way J.Lo has. She grafted, hustled and literally worked her fanny off. She should have done better.