Watch: TLC addresses Rihanna feud & ‘nudity’ comments...

Just as I rightfully implied, footage of TLC seemingly slamming Rihanna for her constant nudity was manipulated through some seriously deceptive editing. TLC tells Yahoo Australia that the interview was heavily edited and manipulated to get a juicy story and that they weren’t even talking about Rihanna directly. In fact, it is insinuated they couldn't possibly be talking about Rihanna because at least a good 90% of artists today use some form of sex to sell records.

Their point was meant to be a positive message to young girls wanting a career in television/music, and reinforcing the belief that they too CAN be successful without shedding their clothes. I do agree with this, especially if the actual talent is there to begin with. 

They also address the photoshoot of them topless holding their breasts, the one Rihanna used as her Twitter profile header. According to T-Boz, it was just one photo in their 22-year career and that was done for breast cancer awareness, which is why they agreed to do it. 

This just shows that Rihanna is too easily baited. I wonder if the news caster used her name knowing full well that Rihanna has a very short fuse and would react. I mean, their interview received wide-spread coverage because of Rihanna's Twitter attack. Mission accomplished! Why not use provocative Beyoncé in the edited piece instead? I'll tell you why. That would simply be too boring as Beyoncé never takes bait, and who likes boring?