Mariah Carey hints at upcoming tour...

Brace yourselves dahhlings! Mariah Carey may very well be going on tour! Last night, the five-time Grammy winner launched her new website, and unwrapped a recorded audio message to her lambily. She is heard saying: "I can’t wait to see you when I hit the road, starting very soon and I’m very excited about it!"
Um, most people tour at the back of a successful album because it serves as confirmation that demand is actually there. Sadly, this has not been the case for Mariah. This era has been so horrific I am shocked her people would even let her tour. Despite her fourteenth studio album 'Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse' only selling 99,500 copies to date, the wonder lies in whether or not she will be able to sell an arena tour, at all.

It's been five years since her last one. Back then however, she was still enjoying moderate success. Unless she was opting to do an intimate tour comprising of small venues, I just don't think she would be able pull off an arena tour at this point in her career. On the other hand, I don't think she would do a full blown North American tour. The demand just doesn't seem to be there. 

She should consider doing three American arena's so that fans from other States would have to pick one of the three. At least that way, those venues would have a better chance at selling. It's bad enough that she will most likely lip sync all of her high notes and perhaps do a BET Awards and mime her entire set completely. Back in the day, people paid good money to hear Mariah sing live all the way and now that she struggles to do even that, what reason would people have for seeing her in concert? 

So, it's not just lack of demand that imposes a problem here, her vocals have aged a lot and her voice may not be able to cope with extensive touring. Anyway, I don't think anyone should jump the gun just yet. I have seen reports from Asian press that this is geared towards Asia. 

She will reportedly begin the tour in mid-October, starting with concerts in China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Taipei. So if she is touring, this will be for the Asian leg, with Australia soon to follow. Would YOU be interested in seeing Mariah on tour? 

Let us know!