Rihanna's title as the most viewed YouTube channel has now been snatched...

Unfortunately, Rihanna having the most viewed YouTube channel has now become a thing of the past. A Lady Gaga fan that runs the YouTube channel 'PewdiePie' has now stolen her thunder (1, 2). For those not knowing who PewdiePie is, he is the biggest YouTuber of all time. He snags around 2 million views per hour and earns $4 million dollars per year, uploading gaming walk-throughs or reactions to them.
Although he's only famous on YouTube, fair play to him for his amazing YouTube hustle and managing to dethrone one of today's biggest pop phenomenons. No skin off Rihanna's back though. I'm sure she will reclaim her throne once she drops her eighth studio album later this year.

Here is one of his videos... if you can get past the first 30 seconds.