New Music: Ameriie - 'What I Want' (Official Wildboys Remix)...

Last month, Ameriie made a comeback to music with a brand new single called, 'What I Want.' She must have had some idea that releasing dated go-go songs like those she put out almost a decade ago wouldn't get her very far. She's dropped an official Wildboys dance remix, which has debuted at #80 on the UK Dance Charts, so at least it's doing something. The original version drops in the UK on August 10th so perhaps she has some UK promo lined up?
In the photo above, she was in London a month ago promoting the song during a radio interview with BBC's 1xtra. Sans her debut and '1 Thing', her music hasn't had much success in the US but at least she's a superstar in Europe (well, okay I'm reaching but they do favour her a whole lot more over there). If she could enjoy a comeback of sorts, it would probably take place on this side of the pond, WITH the right song of course.