Rita Ora may replace Kylie Minogue on The Voice...

From one Roc Nation chick to another. Rita Ora is rumoured to fill Kylie Minogue’s seat on the next series of The Voice UK. An ‘insider’ with connections to the BBC reportedly leaked the info although a spokesperson for The Voice claims “it is too early to confirm speculation” and that “an announcement will be made in due course.” 

This might tie in nicely with her album release in January, but The Voice has done nothing for Jesse J or Kylie's career.

Their post Voice singles flopped. Secondly, she apparently turned down a £1 million X Factor offer but yet, she allegedly takes a role on The Voice for a six figure sum?! I thought she had much better business sense than that, given all the endorsements she's had. This show has gone to the dogs, although it had potential in the beginning. I would not be surprised if this turns out to be the last season.