Top five Beyoncé performances (Toya's picks)...

The day has finally arrived! Later tonight, Beyoncé will perform a show-stopping medley and receive the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards. The Biggest Twitter moment in history was when she performed her stunning Super Bowl Halftime Show which netted a staggering 268,000 tweets per minute!

Anyway, a lot of sites have been doing this as a countdown, just selecting their most favoured Beyoncé performances. It was a tough call picking just five because she has so many amazing televised moments. But, here are my picks!

5. Crazy In Love (BET Awards)
This was Beyoncé's first solo performance at the 3rd annual BET Awards back in 2003. Notice how she is using a head mic because she was not yet comfortable with the hand mic like she is today. It was definitely a career defining moment for her. No one, and I mean NO ONE, was providing amazing live vocals and serving up that type of energy on stage all at once. It was either one or the other. Never both. Girls wanted to be her. Boys wanted to have sex with her. She was just an all round engaging, sexy and talented performer and the impact was strong.

4. Dangerously In Love (Grammy Awards)
This is one of my favourite songs off Beyoncé's debut album 'Dangerously In Love,' and of course I was very excited to learn she was going to perform it at the 2004 Grammy Awards. This was THEE performance that cemented Beyoncé as a true vocalist, putting her in direct rival with Christina Aguilera and also proving to us that she's not just someone that shakes her ass on stage. Every note she sang, you truly felt it and she put her heart and soul into each one. Check Prince stanning for her at the end, all for good reason.

3. Ring The Alarm (VMAs)
I REALLY didn't like this song, and I still don't to be honest. I thought it was noisy, obnoxious and loud. Like, why was she screaming over this track? I get she was suppose to serve up angry and aggressive because she's paranoid about her man running off with another woman but still, it was a side to her that I struggled to embrace. I did slightly fawn towards it when she offered a brilliant performance at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. The static arm choreography was very Janet Jackson and that was widely picked up, not just by JJ fans but her own as well. Not quite sure if it was a tribute as I don't recall it being confirmed as one directly. All I know is that it wouldn't be the first performance where she would get called out for taking someone's idea and not credit them accordingly. Other than that, she truly sold what I would consider an underwhelming Beyoncé song.

2. Listen (Oprah)
Now when it comes to vocal powerhouse performances, I didn't think for one second that she would be able to top the 'Dangerously In Love' performance at The Grammy's but she truly truly exceeded it well and beyond. In 2006, she is a few years older now, five years shy of 30 and with age, her vocals have truly evolved overtime. It definitely showed! She absolutely killed this performance, scalped everyone's heads in the room, including Oprah's. By far, one of her best vocal performances to date.

1. Medley (Super Bowl)
Seriously, I don't know how anyone can compose a top performance list involving Beyoncé and not include this high-wattage spectacle from last year. This 2013 performance is one she completely beasted. From the live vocals to the high octane choreography. If I had my way, Beyoncé would headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show every year! I recall people saying Madonna's previous performance was better because her set and staging was a lot more elaborate and creative. Are you mad?!?! Truth be told she NEEDED it! She lipsynced all the way through it and her dancing was very stiff. No elaborate sets and fancy designs can save your performance if you don't put in 100% And Beyoncé did just that and allowed her raw talent to do the talking!