And just like that, Chris Brown becomes the bad guy for blocking a fan's kiss...

Chris Brown "angrily" shoves away pretty woman who tries to kiss him during nightclub appearance. Ugh. 

Not; Chris Brown had his personal space inappropriately invaded as woman tries to suck his face off in front of his girlfriend. We all know that if it was a man that did this, it would be classified as sexual assault. His reaction was perfectly normal.
Me personally would have knocked her lights out, but we all know he can't do that, lol. Then the article associates his reaction to all the nightclub violence that has occurred around him lately, although he had nothing to do with any of the attacks. Slandering journalism at its finest I tell ya. What was he suppose to do? Let it happen? Do nothing, because she was "pretty"? Oh wait, the "victim" he "shoved" was a white female, so I suppose that makes the situation ten times worse. Watch what happens as Chris and Karrueche walk through the crowd at Limeline Houston.