Ariana Grande covers Marie Claire + talks crashing her car enroute to Big Sean's house...

"You'd better shoot me from the left side of my face, bioootch." 

Welp! Not only is chart topper Ariana Grande crashing magazine covers, she's crashing her car as well! Ariana recalls in the October issue of America's Marie Claire magazine that she was driving 12 miles per hour uphill to her boyfriend Big Sean's house in Los Angeles when another driver suddenly crashed into her Range Rover.

It is actually sort of the first time she has publicly acknowledged any kind of relationship with the rapper in an interview but she's clearly recklessly in love. Now let's talk about this cover. The make-up is pasty, the ponytail is tired (and looks real dusty in these pics) and her facial expression is proper awkward. Given her nature for having photoshoots pre-approved before having them go to print, I'm surprised she let this one be greenlighted. Or she must not have a great eye for knowing what truly looks good. Check out more pics from her cover shoot below.