Beyoncé accused of photoshopping her latest birthday bikini pictures...

Pretty hurts, huh? In recent months, Beyoncé has been hit with accusations that she alters her Instagram and Tumblr pictures. 

Those accusations rear its ugly head yet again now that Beyoncé has seemingly photoshopped her birthday bikini pictures, using Kim Kardashian's favourite app. This photo shows Beyoncé strutting down some stairs, proudly showing off her amazing bikini body.

However, the stairs between her thighs turns wonky proving that the pic has been touched up with an additional tool before it was uploaded to social media. The effect it was meant to have was to give off this illusion that she has a slimmer waistline. 

The crazy thing about it is that she doesn't even need photoshop like some do. Many would sell their kidney to have her body. It's not like celebs don't photoshop their pics in general. EVERYBODY wants to look good in their pics. I think Beyoncé gets flack because she's Beyoncé and she has always been praised for embracing her sexy curves while still maintaining a killer body. It would be seen as not sending out a great message to insecure young girls that starve themselves to look ultra slim or to fit in with the Hollywood image machine. Here are a few more examples from Beyoncé's wonkier moments.

Wonky step between her thigh:

Wonky phone and wine glass:

 Wonky tree trunk:

But uh, let's enjoy her KILLER curves for what they are: