Beyoncé hit with pregnancy rumors & 'Partition' lip syncing screw-up in Paris...

Last night, Beyoncé and Jay Z wrapped up the first night of their 'On The Run' tour in Paris. While everyone was buzzing after seeing Nicki Minaj join Bey on stage for the 'Flawless' remix, another performance received much talk and this time, it wasn't for the right reasons. 

Bey debuted a brand new costume for her 'Partition' performance and did no dancing. She just walked back and forth across the stage.

In previous performances, she would have dancers and do a flexible routine on top of a prop. Did she completely tone down the performance because she's pregnant? Then she was accused of lip-syncing because she moved the mic away from her mouth to interact with fans in the middle of a verse:

Fans are citing it as a technical error. 

Pregnancy speculation was further fueled when her protruding stomach looked like this. Is Blue Ivy's little brother in there?: 

However, it was only a few days ago, she was doing this, not exactly appropriate for a pregnancy situation:

Plus she was seen drinking beer at the 'Made In America' festival two weeks ago. That said, I don't think she's pregnant. It's probably menstruation bloat from that time of the month, she probably ate a really good meal before the show or she was caught at a really bad angle. Remember last year on her 'Mrs Carter' tour when her belly looked like it had a bump while she was rocking that shimmery blue catsuit? Yeah. Not pregnant... yet. But I can see it happening pretty soon. 

As for the 'Partition' performance, yes, something about it was off. But it wouldn't be a first. I hope they get it together when tonight arrives.