Saturday, 27 September 2014

Britney Spears: I'll do music for another 10 years...

Work, bitch! Retirement is not on the agenda anytime soon for Ms. Britney Jean Spears.

In a new interview with Germany's Bild, she was asked how long she wants to stay in the music industry?  Her response?

"I give myself another 10 years. Soon I will have more children and get married. Till now, I have not found the right guy."

She adds: "Everything happens for a reason and that's a good thing. But I do not regret anything." 

Um, 10 years? Why? She is massively detached from the music, puts out lackluster material, and no longer wants to promote it. Actually, neither does BeyoncĂ© come to think of it, but at least she puts all of her blood, sweat and tears into performances. That's actually because she has a genuine passion for it and not because money was the main motivator. Or the motivator of Britney's money hungry enablers I should add. 

I understand that both of them are no longer driven because they have already enjoyed the iconic success in their careers but if she wants to continue with this, she needs to find a way to reconnect with her audience. In related news, she confirmed to ET that she has extended her 'Piece of Me' Vegas residency for another two years meaning the shows will carry on right up until 2017.