Calvin Harris shuts down Rita Ora's "songwriting" claims...

On several occasions, Rita Ora has said she had contribution in writing her hit single 'I Will Never Let You Down' (see here and here). No one understood why, because she is not credited on the song as a co-writer. When Calvin Harris dropped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest to plug his new single, he totally shut that down by insisting he "wrote the song 100%" 

Oh dear. Perhaps Rita's bedroom game just wasn't on par if she couldn't even get her name officially on HIS song.

All Beyoncé has to do is use her star power to accomplish this, but hey, you didn't hear it from me. Why even say it, if evidence shows otherwise? For what it's worth, he DID have nice, complimentary things to say about her talent and longevity. Check out his telling interview below.

 Cut to 1:45: