Leona Lewis opens up about battle with depression following label split...

In a beautifully-penned two-paged open letter to fans, Leona Lewis opens up about her struggle with depression and her fears for the future after parting ways with Simon Cowell's record label Syco. Leona had toyed around with the idea of leaving Syco/Sony for a couple of years, but was fearful, because it was a stable position to be in.

It provided security with the guarantee of signing a new contract and being signed to a label, despite their deteriorating relationship. In her words, she “clang to the safety net I had grown so attached to.”

She reveals that “one day, everything changed”, when she was asked by Syco/Sony to “make a record that would not have been true to herself”. They wanted her to record something that would guarantee the sales. Despite her appreciation to be given the opportunity of releasing a fifth album, she felt that she would be doing herself an injustice and cheating fans by creating an album “that does not speak to her soul.”

Compromising her creative vision was not an option, and so, she made the decision to leave Syco and Sony. What's more shocking about this reveal is that Syco and Sony threatened her that if she left them for another record label, she would say that she was “dropped” instead of saying that it was her decision to leave and not renew her contract.

She is now signed to Island Records UK, a subsidiary of Universal Music, Sony’s main rival. It is also reported that Def Jam Recordings will be involved with the process of producing her fifth album, too. 

It is rumoured that she shot the artwork for her new album this week. She DID do a photoshoot this week but she's keeping quiet about it. On October 9th, she will kick off this year's 23rd Bahrain International Music Festival. We could very well be getting a brand new single a lot sooner than expected, perhaps before the end of the year? 

I wonder if she will be allowed to still use the X Factor as a marketing tool? It doesn't seem like she left Syco on very good terms and they ARE widely associated to the show (Cowell). Still, kudos to Leona for leaving Syco and finding a label that puts HER interests first and sales second. I can't wait to hear what she comes out with.