Mariah Carey's husband has a twitter meltdown over his marriage...

During a 19-tweet Twitter rant last night, an irate Nick Cannon claims he never gave a statement confirming his split with Mariah Carey. 

He blasts the press for writing “false reports” and doesn't hold back on his feelings towards the media, and gossip sites. He even gags at the phrase "trouble in paradise," although he is the one reported to have said it. Lastly he declares his love for the missus during this 'challenging' time.

He should not have said anything. He only further fueled speculation that his marriage is in tatters. If you feed the press with a response, they will eat it and make whatever they want out of it. MC isn't saying a word, and he should have the same tact. 

Secondly, if he has time to go off on the media, I truly hope he did the same privately by having stern words with his father for his disrespectful Facebook rant about the mother of his kids.